A History of Gatorade

Unlike the popular myth, the University of Florida didn’t actually invent the famous sports drink Gatorade, but they are the reason behind the name. History has become twisted in a fun legend and caused most people to believe a fun story that isn’t quite the truth. This legendary company has been around since the mid 60’s and has its ties to the University of Florida, but it has its own history that actually begins with Florida State University.

Foto by Jeff Taylor (Flickr: SAM_0118) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Dr. R.A. Johnson, the Florida State University football team’s physician, created his own sports drink he titled Seminole Firewater. The drink consisted of a blend of sugar, salts, and lime flavoring and served to help keep the football players better hydrated and reduce cramping. During an annual seminar in 1964 that was attended by physicians and athletic trainers, word of his mystery drink got out. A representative of the University of Florida heard what it was and learned that it’s success was due to sodium and potassium in the drink replenishing what players lost from sweat during practices and games. He returned to Gainesville and began testing the drink on University of Florida players where it met immediate success. The drink was dubbed Gatorade after the University’s mascot, the Florida Gators. The drink was patented in 1967.

In 1969, Florida Gators coach Ray Graves noticed his opponents, Kansas City Chiefs, were suffering from some serious side effects after training in the blistering Missouri sun. He was quick to offer some advice, telling them how Gatorade was able to combat all those side effects. The team gave it a try and immediately noticed a difference. They went on to keep the sports drink on their sidelines through the entire football season and went on to win that years Super Bowl against the Minnesota Vikings. As the years went on, word spread about this popular sports drink and it to soon began taking a seat on the sidelines to more and more NFL teams. Finally, in 1983, the drink received the honor of becoming the official sports drink of the NFL.

Almost two decades after the discovery of the popular sports drink, Barrington, Illinois became the home to the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. This research center studies areas of exercise, hydration, sports nutrition, advanced testing for athletes, as well as the home of Gatorade development and testing. Due to its success and constant research and development, the drink went on to become the official sports drink of the NBA, AVP, PGA, MLB, Major League Soccer, as well as other professional organizations and teams. In 2001, after it was determined that race car drivers were suffering from dehydrations, Gatorade and the GSSI began working with auto racing organizations to develop a drink that could take the 130 degree heat in the cars on the course. The end result was GIDS, Gatorade In-car Drinking System, which is now a mandatory part of racing equipment.

As for the future, Gatorade and GSSI will continue studying and researching ways to help athletes improve their performances while achieving proper hydration and nutrition. Weather it’s new flavors, new drinks, or the sharing of scientific research, the company continues to work hard to further their mission to allow athletes to always preform at their best.


History of Starbucks

In 1971, Starbucks started out as a local coffee roasting facility at Pike Place Market becoming their core business. In 1982, things began to change when Howard Schulz became a part of the company. He joined the company as the new marketing executive. Schulz immediately started marketing Starbucks with the local cafes, upscale restaurants, and hotels encouraging them to purchase their coffee.

A year later Schulz traveled through Italy getting intrigued with the Espresso and Cappuccino at an Italian coffee bar. Therefore, giving him a great idea for Starbucks that gave them a new turning point in their business. Schulz then went back to Starbuck to persuade them to open a coffee bar. In 1985, Starbucks opened their very own coffee bar in Seattle with an Italian name II Giornale that became successful.

In 1987, Schulz realized how successful Starbucks could become, so he purchased the company with a few local investors. Therefore, opening Starbucks to an extensive amount of possibilities. Schulz began to expand cafes in Chicago, Vancouver, and Canada totaling 17 new Starbucks cafes. Schulz continued to open more cafés across the world. In 2001, they opened their first café in Zurich and Switzerland giving them 8,000 cafes throughout 30 countries.

In 2002, they established a Starbucks Coffee Trading Company in Lausanne, Switzerland. They opened stores in Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Mexico, Oman, Puerto Rico and Spain giving them a total of 5,886 stores. This year they also placed free internet access in their stores for their customers. In 2006, Starbucks opened stores in Brazil and Egypt moving them to a total of 12,440 stores. Additionally, they began using recycled fiber paper beverage cups.

During their 40th anniversary, Starbucks launched their first annual global month of service in 2011. Additionally, they opened their first community stores in Harlem and Crenshaw neighborhoods. During this year they also launched stores in Guatemala, Curacao and Morocco totaling their store count to 17,003.

In 2013, Starbucks opened stores in Vietnam and Monaco. Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz reinforces the companies support in commitment to marriage equality at their annual shareholders meeting. In 2015, Starbucks launched their new cold brewed ice coffee and fresh handmade smoothies. Schulz is committed to creating jobs and hiring 10,000 youths by 2018. Additionally, he has expanded Starbucks college achievement plan to offer full tuition coverage up to 4 years of an undergraduate degree. Starbucks is committed to 25,000 partners graduating by 2025.


Ray Ban Brand

Ray Ban is a brand of sunglasses that have been available since the late 1930‘s. Ray Ban was originally founded by the company Baush & Lomb. Ray Ban is well known for selling Aviator type sunglasses which have become extremely popular and have been in demand for many years. Ray Ban certainly has a long and colorful history. In later years, Ray Ban sunglasses gained considerable popularity when Hollywood personalities began to endorse the product.

Ray Ban’s Aviator sunglasses became popular back in the late 30‘s when flying by plane became a new and popular means of travel. Many aviators while flying noticed that the glare from the suns reflection made it quite difficult to see much of anything while flying high above the clouds.

Many pilots and aviators experienced severe and chronic headaches as well as nausea due to the powerful glare and rays from the sun. This made it extremely difficult and dangerous to fly a plane under these conditions. The glare from the sun actually became a hazard in many regards.

The first Anti-glare sunglasses were marketed in the late 1930‘s. The sunglasses were extremely popular and the company had no problem selling these sunglasses at all. The Anti-glare sunglasses had plastic frames and green lenses. The green lenses resisted glare and kept the sun out of the eyes.

Eventually the Aviator sunglasses improved and metal frames soon replaced the original plastic frames. By the 1940’s a new brand of sunglasses were introduced called the “Outdoorsman” These sunglasses were specifically designed for those spending a great deal of time outdoors. Sunglasses of this kind came in handy for hunters and shooters. The sunglasses had a unique feature. The sunglasses had an added feature which would catch sweat and prevent it from entering the eye.

Eventually the Gradient lenses were introduced which provided even more eye protection. Gradient lenses were actually mirrored lenses with a special protective coating on the upper part of the lens.

By the 1950’s sunglasses became even more modern and it seemed new and improved protective features were continually being added. The Ray Ban Wayfarer was soon born and was also an instant hit with consumers. The Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses were designed with sturdy plastic frames. Actually, actor James Dean displayed several pairs of these sunglasses in some of his movies as well as in public. When celebrities endorse or use a product or service sales normally increase to a significant degree.

In the 1960’s the Olympian line of sunglasses were introduced into the market. Again many actors in fact wore the Olympian style sunglasses. Peter Fonda wore these sunglasses in at least one of his movies which in turn further boosted sales and production of the Olympian line.

For the next twenty years the Olympian style of sunglasses remained as popular as ever. In the 1980‘s Olympian style sunglasses were worn by stars in movies such as Top Gun and Risky Business.

Ray Ban began to struggle a bit in the 1990’s. Due to other competition as well as changing styles and tastes Ray Ban’s sales began to suffer. Ray Ban was eventually sold to an Italian based eye wear company for an amount that is believed to be within the hundred millions.



The burger company was founded by David Edgerton and James Mclamore in the year 1954 when they saw the need to expand the stores that were started by Keith Kramer and the wife’s uncle in Jacksonville. By 1967, they were already the second best selling company after the McDonalds, which came first. The history of burger king is one that brought forth the business of fast foods that are currently one of the best selling enterprises in the world. They became the first people to offer the dining room which also brought more customers into their business. By 1957 they had expanded their business and were already including the whopper which was a special burger that brought more customers into their business. By this time, the prices were relatively low as they were still trying to get more customers to purchase their products; a burger cost eighteen cents while a whopper cost thirty seven cents.

In 1959, they expanded their market beyond Florida and were now making more income as there were more customers from other states and this is also a big step that helped internationalize their business that was then catching up. They also started advertising their business on television and radio stations that also made them get customers beyond the borders of Florida. By 1961, the burger king and the special one called whopper were already known in the United States of America and most people had already tasted the burgers and the number of customers had also grown. By 1967, the Pillsbury Company bought Burger King Corporation for eighteen million dollars and made to grow to become the second largest chain store that provided burgers behind the McDonald Company, which was still very strong due to the large capital base they had and the familiarity they had to their customers.

During the market wars between Coke and Pepsi in the year 9170, there was also a battle for supremacy between the McDonald Company and the Burger King Corporation which was now growing at a very fast rate. This is also the period in which the battle that saw ABC beat NBC and CBS to become the most popular television station by then. In 1978, the Burger King Corporation poached the main executive director of the McDonald Company into their company, and this saw them being able to agree on how the franchise will be made between the two companies. This forced the Burger King Company to reach out to children who they saw also as a potential source of a large market that would use to counter the McDonald company that had already dominated the adult market. Norman Brinker became the person who made what was known as the Burger Wars to be experienced in the United States during that period. He had been brought into Pillsbury during the time when they bought the company from McLamore and Edgerton, who were the initial owners of the company but sold it off to Pillsbury.

Brinker worked for a short time in the company and left to build his own restaurant. The absence of Brinker made the company to decline. Later on, the company changed the supplier of its soft drinks from Pepsi to Coca-cola and this also made more customers come for their burgers since most customers already preferred Coke to Pepsi. In 1992, the company’s main headquarter in Miami was destroyed by hurricane but was later made to be operation in the year 1997. In 1997, they also formed a partnership with Guinness to form Diageo, which also made the company to decline since they mostly concentrated on the alcoholic drinks leaving the burger. The company continued to decline until it was bought by Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital for 1.5billion dollars and an IPO was launched in 2006 which generated $425 million in revenue. Since that time the company continued to grow up to when it had a worth of $3.2 billion in 2010. This journey has made the Burger King to be the business models of today.

History of Gucci

In 1906, at an early age of 25, Guccio Gucci launched a saddlery workshop in Florence called the House of Gucci. He initially began using his skills in leather goods. In the 1920’s, he branched out in full swing and began selling leather bags to horsemen. As the times changed and transportation led to horseless carriages, he moved forward in making leather luggage for his clients. As his business continued to grow, he opened a retail shop on the Via Condotti in Rome in 1938.

He wanted his product to stand out from others, so he made an icon exclusively for Gucci on his new creation of a leather bag with bamboo handles in 1947. In the 1950’s he generated many different leather styles such as shoes, ties, luggage, and handbags with a unique bamboo handle. Additionally, the red striped webbing trademark was designed and introduced.

His family took over the businesses bringing fresh ideas after his death in 1953. They expanded the businesses by placing stores in Paris, Beverly Hills, London, Palm Beach, and Tokyo. The business was striving greater than before, in the 1960’s a few Hollywood stars such as Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers, and Audrey Hepburn promoted the Gucci name as chic. Jackie Kennedy even posed with the Gucci shoulder bag for a great photograph to promote the bag that became known as the Jackie O.

Frida Giannini joined Gucci in 2002 and was selected to be the creative director for women’s custom made accessories in 2005. Additionally, a year later in 2006, she advanced to the creative director adding men’s costumed made attire and the Gucci label to her responsibilities.

During the Gucci’s 90th anniversary celebration in 2011, Gucci and Fiat uncovered their special addition 500 by Gucci that was made known to be available in black or white. The black style detailing feature is shiny chrome with the interior being black and white for a modern look and a lascivious feel. However, the white style has satin chrome detailing with an ivory and black interior creating a softer look.

In 2015, Frida Giannini was replaced by Alessandro Michele, who became the new creative director for Gucci. Alessandro began promoting a sleek and unparalleled image with the slim fitting label’s centered around bold colors and gold-toned detailing. He also continues to carry the brand’s iconic appealing line with a unique fashionable vision. June of 2015 Gucci joined the Resort show club causing the guest to fly in from all around the world just to see their most recent styles of the ready wear collection. In 2016, Alessandro will continue to had added several styles such as the GG pattern and the iconic shoulder bag Jackie.

The history of the Adidas Brand

Adidas group has been in operation for the last 80 years. All this time, they have contributed to various sporting activities by providing unique and high quality sports footwear, sports accessories and even apparels. Adidas is the best company there is in the sporting industry globally. They have a market established in almost all countries and thrive in providing a very wide variety of products.

Adidas has its headquarters located in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria in Germany. Here in Herzogenaurach, the Adidas Group has also located the company’s Research and Development Center. You will also find the strategic business units for Soccer, Tennis and Athletics here. The company has over 80 subsidiaries all over the world.

Adidas has its key corporate units located in Portland, California and Canton. Their Reebok Headquarters are located in in Canton, Massachusetts while the Golf strategic business units are based in California. Portland, Oregon on the other hand is considered to be the home of Adidas America. Also, in Portland is the strategic business units for basketball, adventure and alternative sports.

In its secondary business, Adidas operates design studies and development departments related and in support of its primary business. The company employs over 26,000 employees globally. All their sourcing activities are carried out by the Adidas Sourcing limited which has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Adidas was founded in the year 1924 by Dassler and his brother under the brand name Dassler Brother Shoe Factory. It was not until the year 1949 that it came to be registered as Adidas following a family disagreement between Dassler and his brother Adolf who later came to establish Puma, one of Adidas’ biggest rivals. The name Adidas is believed to have been obtained from abbreviating the phrase “All Day I dream About Sports”.

The CEO for Adidas is Herbert Heiner who replaced Robert Louis-Dreyfus. In its top management it also has Robin. J. Stalker as their Chief Financial officer, Glenn Bennett as their Global Operations Officer and Roland Auschel as the Global Sales Chief.

Adidas has been listed as the 61st company in the list of the most valuable brands in the world having over 90 innovative companies. Achieving the success that Adidas has, has taken a lot of strategizing, marketing and advertising. Brand loyalty has seen them be more successful than other companies in the sporting industry.

The company recently changed their slogan from “Impossible is Nothing” to “Adidas is all in”. The new slogan is meant to give the customer a unification image of the Adidas products and labels. This includes the sports, music, pop culture, street and even fashion brands and labels.


History of BMW

Karl Friedrich Rapp, who is the founder of BMW that began as an aircraft engine manufacturer. The roundel BMW still uses the white and blue colors like the checkered flag of Bavaria. It is frequently thought to be a symbol of a white propeller with a blue sky background that was acquired after the logo was previously in use.

BMW received a contract to manufacture V12 engines for Austro-Daimler in 1916. When extra money was a necessity, Rapp turned towards Camillo Castiglioni and Max Friz for financial funding. Therefore, the company was altered and revised and became the Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH. Due to the over expansion causing complications, Rapp left the company. In 1917, Austrian industrialist Franz Josef Popp took over the company and a year later named the company BMW AG.

In 1919, there was a Treaty of Versailles, after World War l, forbidding aircraft manufacturing in Germany. Otto didn’t give up on his business. Instead, he altered it by manufacturing railway brakes after closing the aircraft production factory down. Additionally, BMW designed their first motorcycle engine and was placed in the Victoria model that was assembled and created by the Nuremberg company.

BMW built their first R32 motorcycle with a 500cc air-cooled horizontally opposed engine in 1923. The main technology was the use of the driveshaft in place of a chain that operates the rear wheel.  BMW motorcycle began to become well known for their shaft drive boxer engine.

In 1928, BMW bought the Dixi Company that manufactured a car, called tiny Dixi, a year prior, then turned out to be BMW’s first automobile, renaming it the BMW 3/15. Five years later in 1933, they were generating and manufacturing cars that they could truly call their own. BMW began producing higher quality cars such as 16 sports and sedans.

The Husqvarna Motorcycles was bought by BMW for 93 million euros in July 2007. After being part of the design team for 17 years, Chief designer Chris Bangle declared his departure from BMW in 2009. Adrian Van Hooydonk took over as chief designer. BMW Motorrad intends to remain operating Husqvarna Motorcycles to the same degree as a separate enterprise. Husqvarna Motorcycles has continued with the same workforce, all the same, development, sales, and production activities as well as stayed in its original location at Varese.

In 2010, BMW announced they were returning to car racing touring during the 2012 season. BMW will return, to the DTM, to demonstrate the remarkable sporting characteristics of their vehicles and how it goes against their competitors. In 2011, BMW began manufacturing and designing two electric vehicles the i3 and i8. In September of 2013, i3 was manufactured and released then two months later BMW delivered their first i3 to Germany. By June 2014, BMW launched the i8 sports hybrid electric car. As of December 2015, BMW received a substantial amount of sales totaling 41,586 i3s and 7,197 i8s. The BMW I models, in January 2016 attained a 50,000 units’ milestone. In 2015, BMW i3 was rated to be the third most popular electric car sold.

In 2014, BMW opened a new manufacturing company in Araquari, Santa Catarina and made their first car by October 9th of the same year. Their goal in production was to make 30,000 vehicles a year and create 1,300 new jobs. In July 2014, BMW declared they were planning to establish a new plant in Mexico by San Luis Potosi with a large investment of one billion dollars. A few of their motivating factors was due to the difference in the economy and Mexico’s free trade agreements. By placing a new plant in Mexico, it will give 1,500 people employment, plus be capable of manufacturing 150,000 cars annually beginning in 2019.


History of Bacardi

On February 4th, 1862 Bacardi was founded by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso in Santiago de Cuba. During the 19th century, when rum was thought to be a refined drink and was cheaply made, Facundo was a wine merchant. He started making an attempt to tame rum.

Subsequently, it took a lot of skill methods before he was able to pinpoint the best option.

Then Facundo discovered filtering the rum through charcoal that will remove the impurities and improve the rum. Additionally, the rum was aged in barrels that allowed it to mature the drink. When the rum becomes completed, it becomes clear then is produced into white rum. In 1862, Facundo and his brother Jose started a small distillery. They were able to generate 35 barrels of fermented molasses in their copper and cast iron still daily. The Daiquiri cocktail and the original Cuba Libre is created using Bacardi rum.

During the 1890s, the Bacardi company was having a hard time. Therefore, with the eldest son, Emilio Bacardi, of Facundo being forced to leave Cuba permanently, because he fought, as the enemy of Spain, in the Cuban Independence War. Things changed for Emilio Bacardi, nine years later in 1899, he was appointed Mayor of Santiago de Cuba by Leonard Wood. However, in Santiago, Facundo M. Bacardi, continuous to run the business with Henri Schueg. In Barcelona and New York City they started an international extension of their business. Due to a prohibition, the New York plant was closed soon after it opened. Fortunately, at the time Cuba turns out to be a hotspot for US tourists.

In Santiago, Emilio started a new distillery in the 1920’s. Additionally, the third generation was getting prepared to come into the business, as the Art Deco Bacardi building had become built, in Havana. In the 1930’s Ron Bacardi began a bottling plant in Mexico City, as well as a distillery in Puerto Rico. Bacardi had more than a few court hearings, in regards to the use of their business name, on rum products that were outside of Cuba. Henri Schueg eventually became the leadership of the company and was able to use the family name on production coming from Puerto Rico.

Bacardi won another case that gave them rights to use their name on a Bacardi Cocktail as long as they are using Bacardi rum. Facundo Bacardi invited Americans to visit Cuba to immerse themselves in Bacardi rum and became well recognized.

In 1993, Bacardi bought the Martini & Rossi group that enhanced the company on the amount of brands they have as well as more distribution networks overseas causing the company to expand twice its size. Additionally, they became successful with their new blends of Bombay Sapphire gin, Dewar’s blended scotch whiskey, Grey Goose Vodka and Cazadores 100 % blue agave tequila.

Bacardi manufacturing companies are located, in 16 different countries, around the world. Additionally, they operate 29 production facilities counting manufacturing, distilling and bottling facilities. In 2009, Bacardi attained a triple crown certification and was the only major spirit company to be global certified and recognized its environmental health and safety.

Bacardi’s vision today is so much greater than it was when they first started their business. Bacardi is interested in giving back to the communities that are in their businesses location. Bacardi has been in business a long time and had just celebrated their 150th anniversary in December of 2012. From the beginning, Bacardi has been a family owned business, and currently, the 7th generations are running it today as a vibrant Spirited company. In 2012, Bacardi had welcomed Ed Shirley as their new president and chief executive officer.

The preferred Italian sparkling wine, the martini, reached its 150th anniversary and was celebrated in 2013. Also, during the same year, Bacardi purchased the St. Germain an elderflower liqueur that became a popular spirit brand in the US.

In 2014, Michael J. Dolan became chief executive officer. Bacardi reveals environmental initiative that they called Good Spirited. They are building and maintaining the future with detailed goals in sourcing, packaging, and procedures.

2015 doesn’t only mark Bacardi’s 153rd anniversary of being in the business it also marks the 20th anniversary of the Tangerine launch of flavored rum line. Bacardi bought Angel’s Share Brands Louisville Distilling Co. as well as its Angel’s Envy product. Giving the company the ideal opportunity to market in the bourbon category of the whiskey sector. Furthermore, Bacardi purchases the premium banks rum portfolio counting banks five island rum, banks seven golden age blend, and several limited editions.

In 2016, Bacardi is generating a new distribution network in North America and called it Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc, and Glazer’s, Inc. that has endorsed a final agreement to form Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits LLC. Therefore, leading to the circulation of the wine and spirits portfolio across the US and Canada.


History of Exxon

The John D. Rockefeller corporation of Standard Oil was striving. However, when Ida M. Tarbell exposed the history of Standard Oil Company in 1904, causing the company to receive a bad reputation and rapport with the public. Things got that bad and out of hand that the government had to step in and press charges against the company. It took many years before a final decision could be agreed on.

In 1911, Standard Oil Company received judgment, from the United States Supreme Court, that they must end Standard Oil Company as it is and divide it into 34 companies. Jersey Standard and Socony, the Standard Oil Company of New York, were two of the companies. Ultimately Jersey Standard became Exxon and Socony developed into Mobil.

Over the years, Exxon and Mobil grew considerably. A Texas oil manufacture, Humble Oil & Refining, sold 50 % of their shares to Exxon. Around the same time frame, Mobil bought 45 % of Magnolia Petroleum Company that was already established, as a major refiner, marketer and pipeline transporter. Mobil merged with Vacuum Oil Company in 1931.

Exxon was thriving with their production and refineries, located in Indonesia, but they had no marketing networks setup. However, Mobil already had in place Asian marketing outlets who provided from California. Therefore, Mobil and Exxon combined their interest giving them a joint mission in 1933. The Vacuum Oil Company that Mobil merged with operates out of 50 countries. With this concept in mind, Mobil and Exxon received numerous marketing areas when Vacuum Oil Company dissolved in 1962.

In 1982, during a global warming conference, funded by Exxon, the head of Exxon research had commented that people have disbelief in the world coming into an energy transition with no longer needing to count on fossil fuel and toward renewable resources.

As a result, of an unexpected oil glut causing a downfall of oil prices in the mid-1980’s, Exxon was forced to get rid of some of their staff ultimately to save money. Some of those employees worked in the climate that continues to remain a factor and being a big part of the landscape. In November of 1999, Exxon and Mobil combined their corporations and became Exxon Mobil. Therefore, the merger gave the companies more creditability to work through the economy.

March of 2002, the science strategy and programs manager for Exxon, Flannery needed another emphasizing approach. Therefore, Flannery contacted the president’s associate for science and technology, John H. Marburger, and requested for him to give the company’s preferred method of emphasizing the uncertainty. In 2011, Exxon Mobil Corporation had a major gas discovery, in the Gulf of Mexico, while they were drilling a post-moratorium deep water research well. In 2015, during Exxon’s annual meeting, Tillerson said that it would be more beneficial to wait for additional solid science facts before acting on climate transformation. If we act too soon without having enough solid science, the results could turn to something unexpected giving us different outcomes than we originally thought would occur. Today, Exxon Mobil continue to make products for modern transportation, power cities and lubricate industries.

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The Microsoft Company was started by Bill Gates after reading the 1975 newspaper that highlighted about the use of electronics to expand various sectors of the company. By then Gates did not have an interpreter to help in the designs of the microcomputers during that season when the computer knowledge had not spread to other sectors of the economy and many parts of the world had also not been enlightened on the use of computers and Microsoft in business and other sectors that required technology in order to expand their efficiency in the services that they provide to their respective customers.

In 1976, the company’s first international office was constructed in Japan to help aid the spread of the computer technology which has later happened to become one of the best centers that have continued to improve the efficiency of the Microsoft Company in the world. In 1980, Steve Ballmer joined the company and also became a CEO together with Bill Gates. In 1981, the Microsoft Company which was now on its growing trend was recognized as one of the corporate business in Washington and was listed among the businesses in the United States of America. By 1980s they started making the PC that would improve the dissemination of information from place to place using cables, and this was a function that was greatly appreciated by those who were both in the business and the administrative world which helped to improve the communication systems that were used in the offices. The computers that were used during this time were big and most of them consumed a lot of power and still the main language that was used as a mode of instruction in the computers was English and other languages had not been interpreted to be included in the system.

Between 1985 and 1991 the company saw various challenges that made to rise and fall occasionally. People were beginning to appreciate technology though most of the business owners were still reserved and preferred to stick to their old tools that they used in their offices. This reluctance made the company to have a slow growth rate as compared to other companies that were started during the same time with it. This also made the company to be reluctant in expanding its premises to other areas so as to get more market, they thought it wise to hold on to the market they had so that the market would first accept their products fully before they could be unveiled to other places within the United States of America or other places in the world.

The company came to release Windows 95 in the year 1995 which had the most important button called the start button. Bill Gates then handed over the CEO position in the year 2000 to Steve Ballmer, who was an old college friend and an employee of the company since the year 1980. In the year 2001, the company went ahead to release new Microsoft Windows XP, which stayed in the market for a long time before being replaced by the windows vista in 2007 and later the Windows 7 in the year 2009. The windows 7 stayed in the Market for two years until the year 2011 when it was replaced by Windows 8 which was a more improved version of the Windows 7. This step also saw the launch of Windows phone in 2011 and later the purchase of Nokia in the year 2013 which since then has been among the leading producers of the windows phones since the year 2013 to date and still continues to develop their windows phones to accept many applications that users might want to install in their phones.

The Microsoft is one of the multi-billion companies that started with a single idea of trying to improve the quality of the machines that were used in the offices since the year 1975. Though it has been so successful, it has faced several challenges that saw it almost fall back to its feet but with continued determination and acceptance from the market they have grown to what they are today. The best technology so far that has helped the whole world make a step in technology has been brought about by the Microsoft Company, which has continued to diversify its operations. Currently, they are also part of the Apple Company that produces iphones that are considered to be the best phones in the world. The knowledge of the Microsoft company has also been used by other investors which has seen the computer to improved into laptops, tablets and I pads that are faster than the ancient computers that would consume a lot of power and the speed at which they worked was also slow. With continued ventures in this sector, the company can be able to come up with other windows apart from the latest ones that are very effective and also compatible with most computers.