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One of the leading independent educational branding content sites on the internet, featuring everything from biographies, books, news, commercials and quotes with the most powerful branding organizations in the world. We’ve been around since 2005 and have gradually built our fan base ever since.

The History of Branding is your complete resource for educating yourself on how our planet’s most powerful brands started.

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If you want to reach a highly targeted audience of business people, CEO’s, business owners, educational enthusiasts and entertainment consumers – then the Historyofbranding.com is a natural fit. Our site delivers daily updates of fresh content.

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The majority of our visitors are between the ages of 25-49, covers the globe (majority of traffic in the USA), 70-30 men vs women, and love learning about companies – continually seek to be eduacted. We receive over 100,000 page views every month. You can see our most recent rankings at Alexa.com.

Advertising Opportunities:
We offer the top-level 468×60 banner option on our site, as well as 728×90, 120×600, 300×250, interstitials, prestitials and more, deliverable in various .gif, .jpg, .html and rich media, with several placement options.

Run of site: If you want to occupy the whole site and connect directly to a core business audience you can choose this option and reach the broadest scope of visitors.

“Brand of the Week”: Highlight and give your brand added exposure. Increase your brand presence – great for highlighting new products. Posted for 7 days, and archived for life.

Submit your brand: Have your brand on the homepage of historyofbranding.com, with a links to your personal site: www.historyofbranding.com/yourbrand.html which includes your history and link to your site.

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If you have additional questions or would like to discuss any opportunities, please contact Ian Hardy at [email protected], or call at 416-452-9865.

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