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History of Starbucks

In 1971, Starbucks started out as a local coffee roasting facility at Pike Place Market becoming their core business. In 1982, things began to change when Howard Schulz became a part of the company.

He joined the company as the new marketing executive. Schulz immediately started marketing Starbucks with the local cafes, upscale restaurants, and hotels encouraging them to purchase their coffee.

A year later Schulz traveled through Italy getting intrigued with the Espresso and Cappuccino at an Italian coffee bar.

Therefore, giving him a great idea for Starbucks that gave them a new turning point in their business. Schulz then went back to Starbuck to persuade them to open a coffee bar. In 1985, Starbucks opened their very own coffee bar in Seattle with an Italian name II Giornale that became successful.

In 1987, Schulz realized how successful Starbucks could become, so he purchased the company with a few local investors. Therefore, opening Starbucks to an extensive amount of possibilities. Schulz began to expand cafes in Chicago, Vancouver, and Canada totaling 17 new Starbucks cafes. Schulz continued to open more cafés across the world.

In 2001, they opened their first café in Zurich and Switzerland giving them 8,000 cafes throughout 30 countries.

In 2002, they established a Starbucks Coffee Trading Company in Lausanne, Switzerland. They opened stores in Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Mexico, Oman, Puerto Rico and Spain giving them a total of 5,886 stores. This year they also placed free internet access in their stores for their customers. In 2006, Starbucks opened stores in Brazil and Egypt moving them to a total of 12,440 stores. Additionally, they began using recycled fiber paper beverage cups.

During their 40th anniversary, Starbucks launched their first annual global month of service in 2011. Additionally, they opened their first community stores in Harlem and Crenshaw neighborhoods. During this year they also launched stores in Guatemala, Curacao and Morocco totaling their store count to 17,003.

In 2013, Starbucks opened stores in Vietnam and Monaco. Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz reinforces the companies support in commitment to marriage equality at their annual shareholders meeting. In 2015, Starbucks launched their new cold brewed ice coffee and fresh handmade smoothies.

Schulz is committed to creating jobs and hiring 10,000 youths by 2018. Additionally, he has expanded Starbucks college achievement plan to offer full tuition coverage up to 4 years of an undergraduate degree. Starbucks is committed to 25,000 partners graduating by 2025.

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