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History of Corona

No other beer in the world is linked to its bottle like Corona Extra. Yet, when people think of Corona, they don’t think of a bottle. They think of where they would like to be – relaxing on a warm beach, gazing out at picturesque azure seas. Years of effective marketing have convinced people that Corona Extra is an expression of lifestyle, not just a bottle of beer. People all over the world heartily agree, and choose to drink a Corona because it brings to mind relaxation and escape. Think of Corona as a vacation in a bottle.

The bottle itself is rather simple. It stands just nine and a half inches tall and holds 12 fluid ounces of cerveza (that’s Spanish for beer). However, Corona has several characteristics that make it different from any other beer and add to its unique image. For one, Corona Extra is not available fresh from a keg. It’s known for being served in a clear glass bottle that has the label painted on. In fact, the Old English style lettering of the Corona Extra label is a registered trademark. Most other popular beers are bottled in brown glass bottles and adorned with paper labels. Corona bottles are sealed with an aluminum cap that can only be loosened with a bottle opener; the bottles have a rough feel that makes you think each one is unique.

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