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History of Baileys

In 1971 Gilbeys of Ireland set out to create a uniquely Irish drink that would embrace two of the country’s finest products: fresh dairy cream and Irish whiskey, and celebrate one of Ireland’s finest traditions – just passing time and chilling out with friends.

No one had managed to blend cream and whiskey before and it took years of patient work, plus a little chocolate and vanilla, to create the truly amazing taste.

Finally, on November 26th 1974 there was an almost magical accident and a new type of drink was born: the cream liqueur. It took real genius to succeed where others had failed and create this unique blend of cream and whiskey – we can’t say how they did it, but we’re very glad they did.

The original Baileys® bottle shape was inspired by the shape and style of the old Irish whiskey crock. Since 1974, the branding and packaging had gradually changed – but it was only recently that the bottles underwent a significant redesign. Our new bottle is a twist on the traditional shape and hopefully reflects the modern moods of modern Baileys® drinkers.

Of course, it’s no longer a uniquely Irish tradition for friends to get together and enjoy Baileys® Irish Cream. In fact it’s now the best selling liqueur brand in the world. © 2007 Baileys

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