The Microsoft Company was started by Bill Gates after reading the 1975 newspaper that highlighted about the use of electronics to expand various sectors of the company. By then Gates did not have an interpreter to help in the designs of the microcomputers during that season when the computer knowledge had not spread to other sectors of the economy and many parts of the world had also not been enlightened on the use of computers and Microsoft in business and other sectors that required technology in order to expand their efficiency in the services that they provide to their respective customers.

In 1976, the company’s first international office was constructed in Japan to help aid the spread of the computer technology which has later happened to become one of the best centers that have continued to improve the efficiency of the Microsoft Company in the world. In 1980, Steve Ballmer joined the company and also became a CEO together with Bill Gates. In 1981, the Microsoft Company which was now on its growing trend was recognized as one of the corporate business in Washington and was listed among the businesses in the United States of America. By 1980s they started making the PC that would improve the dissemination of information from place to place using cables, and this was a function that was greatly appreciated by those who were both in the business and the administrative world which helped to improve the communication systems that were used in the offices. The computers that were used during this time were big and most of them consumed a lot of power and still the main language that was used as a mode of instruction in the computers was English and other languages had not been interpreted to be included in the system.

Between 1985 and 1991 the company saw various challenges that made to rise and fall occasionally. People were beginning to appreciate technology though most of the business owners were still reserved and preferred to stick to their old tools that they used in their offices. This reluctance made the company to have a slow growth rate as compared to other companies that were started during the same time with it. This also made the company to be reluctant in expanding its premises to other areas so as to get more market, they thought it wise to hold on to the market they had so that the market would first accept their products fully before they could be unveiled to other places within the United States of America or other places in the world.

The company came to release Windows 95 in the year 1995 which had the most important button called the start button. Bill Gates then handed over the CEO position in the year 2000 to Steve Ballmer, who was an old college friend and an employee of the company since the year 1980. In the year 2001, the company went ahead to release new Microsoft Windows XP, which stayed in the market for a long time before being replaced by the windows vista in 2007 and later the Windows 7 in the year 2009. The windows 7 stayed in the Market for two years until the year 2011 when it was replaced by Windows 8 which was a more improved version of the Windows 7. This step also saw the launch of Windows phone in 2011 and later the purchase of Nokia in the year 2013 which since then has been among the leading producers of the windows phones since the year 2013 to date and still continues to develop their windows phones to accept many applications that users might want to install in their phones.

The Microsoft is one of the multi-billion companies that started with a single idea of trying to improve the quality of the machines that were used in the offices since the year 1975. Though it has been so successful, it has faced several challenges that saw it almost fall back to its feet but with continued determination and acceptance from the market they have grown to what they are today. The best technology so far that has helped the whole world make a step in technology has been brought about by the Microsoft Company, which has continued to diversify its operations. Currently, they are also part of the Apple Company that produces iphones that are considered to be the best phones in the world. The knowledge of the Microsoft company has also been used by other investors which has seen the computer to improved into laptops, tablets and I pads that are faster than the ancient computers that would consume a lot of power and the speed at which they worked was also slow. With continued ventures in this sector, the company can be able to come up with other windows apart from the latest ones that are very effective and also compatible with most computers.