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History of Parker Bros.

In 1883, an enterprising 16-year-old boy named George S. Parker took $40 of his total $50 life savings to publish and market a game he had invented called BANKING. Little did he know that this small investment would lead to the founding of one of America’s oldest and largest game manufacturers, PARKER BROTHERS.

For nearly 115 years, PARKER BROTHERS has published more than 1,800 games. Many of them, such as the world famous MONOPOLY game, RISK, CLUE, and SORRY! games, have enjoyed continuous popularity throughout the years. An in its second century, PARKER BROTHERS continues to grow with the times, as evidenced by its 1982 introduction of video games, its 1985 entry into VCR games, and most recently its leap into cyberspace with interactive CD-ROM games. © 2006 Hasbro

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