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History of Dole

Founded in Hawaii in 1851, the Company built its reputation on its commitment to “quality, and quality, and quality.” These were the words of James Drummond Dole’s “Statement of Principles,” upon which he founded and operated the Company. James Dole came to Hawaii with an initial investment of $1,000, degrees in business and horticulture and a love of farming. With these, he began the first successful pineapple growing and canning operation, then called the Hawaiian Pineapple Company. Dole developed and grew the pineapple business into Hawaii’s second largest industry. In achieving his goal of making pineapple available in every grocery store in the country, James Dole made the name “Hawaiian” almost synonymous with “pineapple.” Considered an exotic fruit, the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality, and is often depicted on fine furniture. After Dole began an innovative campaign of advertising with recipes in ladies magazines, the popularity of the fruit increased and was sought by households throughout the U.S.

The Company later merged with Castle & Cooke, Inc. (now a separate, privately held real estate and resorts concern) to include bananas and nearly every fresh fruit and vegetable grown in the world. The DOLE® brand name easily translated quality and nutrition to every fruit and vegetable the Company grew and sold. © 2006 Dole

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