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History of BMC Software

In the late 1970’s, BMC Software founders Scott Boulett, John Moores, and Dan Cloer began a contract programming partnership that operated in and around Houston, Texas. By 1980, the company was incorporated, and officially became BMC Software, Inc.

Moores, the company’s first CEO, utilized his experience as a programmer with Shell Oil to improve upon the current software available for IBM mainframes, the industry standard at the time. In July of 1988, BMC made its initial public offering on the NASDAQ.

Moores stepped down as acting President and CEO of BMC Software in 1987 and was succeeded by Max Watson. Moores retired as BMC chairman in 1992, and at that time Watson assumed the position of chairman as well.

During Watson’s tenure as CEO and Chairman, BMC grew from 500 employees to over 7000. As well, during the same period sales increased from figures equaling less than $100 million in 1987 to $1.7 billion.

Watson was succeeded by BMC’s former senior vice president of product management and development, Robert Beauchamp. During his tenure as BMC’s President and CEO, Beauchamp has overseen critical business changes, such as the move of BMC’s stock to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the reorganization of BMC into eleven separate business units; a strategy intended to streamline sales and marketing processes, and the introduction of Business Service Management; an approach for managing IT from the perspective of the business.

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