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History of AMD

AMD began its long dream on May 1, 1969 and started working out of one of the co-founders living rooms.

AMDS’s main goal was simple, they wanted to create a successful semiconductor company. By September AMD had raised enough money to open their first permanent home, at 901 Thompson Place in Sunnyrak.

By the end of AMD’s fifth year, there was around fifteen hundred employees making over two hundred different products, in their first five years AMD made nearly $26.5 million in anual sales. AMD’s sales steadily grew throughout the years until 1986 when the tides of change swept the industry and Japanese semiconductor makers began to dominate the market. AMD, along with the rest of the industry, began searching for new ways to compete with the market.

The solution, AMD began building its submicron capability with the Submicron Development Center. AMD’s new ability to compete in the market led to the development of their microprocessors compatible with IBM computers. AMD increased drastically through 1995 – 1999 due mainly to their increasingly competetive product offering. With the development of the AMD – K6 processor AMD was able to become a serious competitor to Intel in the microprocessor market.

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