The history of the Adidas Brand

Adidas group has been in operation for the last 80 years. All this time, they have contributed to various sporting activities by providing unique and high quality sports footwear, sports accessories and even apparels. Adidas is the best company there is in the sporting industry globally. They have a market established in almost all countries and thrive in providing a very wide variety of products.

Adidas has its headquarters located in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria in Germany. Here in Herzogenaurach, the Adidas Group has also located the company’s Research and Development Center. You will also find the strategic business units for Soccer, Tennis and Athletics here. The company has over 80 subsidiaries all over the world.

Adidas has its key corporate units located in Portland, California and Canton. Their Reebok Headquarters are located in in Canton, Massachusetts while the Golf strategic business units are based in California. Portland, Oregon on the other hand is considered to be the home of Adidas America. Also, in Portland is the strategic business units for basketball, adventure and alternative sports.

In its secondary business, Adidas operates design studies and development departments related and in support of its primary business. The company employs over 26,000 employees globally. All their sourcing activities are carried out by the Adidas Sourcing limited which has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Adidas was founded in the year 1924 by Dassler and his brother under the brand name Dassler Brother Shoe Factory. It was not until the year 1949 that it came to be registered as Adidas following a family disagreement between Dassler and his brother Adolf who later came to establish Puma, one of Adidas’ biggest rivals. The name Adidas is believed to have been obtained from abbreviating the phrase “All Day I dream About Sports”.

The CEO for Adidas is Herbert Heiner who replaced Robert Louis-Dreyfus. In its top management it also has Robin. J. Stalker as their Chief Financial officer, Glenn Bennett as their Global Operations Officer and Roland Auschel as the Global Sales Chief.

Adidas has been listed as the 61st company in the list of the most valuable brands in the world having over 90 innovative companies. Achieving the success that Adidas has, has taken a lot of strategizing, marketing and advertising. Brand loyalty has seen them be more successful than other companies in the sporting industry.

The company recently changed their slogan from “Impossible is Nothing” to “Adidas is all in”. The new slogan is meant to give the customer a unification image of the Adidas products and labels. This includes the sports, music, pop culture, street and even fashion brands and labels.