Ray Ban Brand

Ray Ban is a brand of sunglasses that have been available since the late 1930‘s. Ray Ban was originally founded by the company Baush & Lomb. Ray Ban is well known for selling Aviator type sunglasses which have become extremely popular and have been in demand for many years. Ray Ban certainly has a long and colorful history. In later years, Ray Ban sunglasses gained considerable popularity when Hollywood personalities began to endorse the product.

Ray Ban’s Aviator sunglasses became popular back in the late 30‘s when flying by plane became a new and popular means of travel. Many aviators while flying noticed that the glare from the suns reflection made it quite difficult to see much of anything while flying high above the clouds.

Many pilots and aviators experienced severe and chronic headaches as well as nausea due to the powerful glare and rays from the sun. This made it extremely difficult and dangerous to fly a plane under these conditions. The glare from the sun actually became a hazard in many regards.

The first Anti-glare sunglasses were marketed in the late 1930‘s. The sunglasses were extremely popular and the company had no problem selling these sunglasses at all. The Anti-glare sunglasses had plastic frames and green lenses. The green lenses resisted glare and kept the sun out of the eyes.

Eventually the Aviator sunglasses improved and metal frames soon replaced the original plastic frames. By the 1940’s a new brand of sunglasses were introduced called the “Outdoorsman” These sunglasses were specifically designed for those spending a great deal of time outdoors. Sunglasses of this kind came in handy for hunters and shooters. The sunglasses had a unique feature. The sunglasses had an added feature which would catch sweat and prevent it from entering the eye.

Eventually the Gradient lenses were introduced which provided even more eye protection. Gradient lenses were actually mirrored lenses with a special protective coating on the upper part of the lens.

By the 1950’s sunglasses became even more modern and it seemed new and improved protective features were continually being added. The Ray Ban Wayfarer was soon born and was also an instant hit with consumers. The Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses were designed with sturdy plastic frames. Actually, actor James Dean displayed several pairs of these sunglasses in some of his movies as well as in public. When celebrities endorse or use a product or service sales normally increase to a significant degree.

In the 1960’s the Olympian line of sunglasses were introduced into the market. Again many actors in fact wore the Olympian style sunglasses. Peter Fonda wore these sunglasses in at least one of his movies which in turn further boosted sales and production of the Olympian line.

For the next twenty years the Olympian style of sunglasses remained as popular as ever. In the 1980‘s Olympian style sunglasses were worn by stars in movies such as Top Gun and Risky Business.

Ray Ban began to struggle a bit in the 1990’s. Due to other competition as well as changing styles and tastes Ray Ban’s sales began to suffer. Ray Ban was eventually sold to an Italian based eye wear company for an amount that is believed to be within the hundred millions.

History of Gucci

In 1906, at an early age of 25, Guccio Gucci launched a saddlery workshop in Florence called the House of Gucci. He initially began using his skills in leather goods. In the 1920’s, he branched out in full swing and began selling leather bags to horsemen. As the times changed and transportation led to horseless carriages, he moved forward in making leather luggage for his clients. As his business continued to grow, he opened a retail shop on the Via Condotti in Rome in 1938.

He wanted his product to stand out from others, so he made an icon exclusively for Gucci on his new creation of a leather bag with bamboo handles in 1947. In the 1950’s he generated many different leather styles such as shoes, ties, luggage, and handbags with a unique bamboo handle. Additionally, the red striped webbing trademark was designed and introduced.

His family took over the businesses bringing fresh ideas after his death in 1953. They expanded the businesses by placing stores in Paris, Beverly Hills, London, Palm Beach, and Tokyo. The business was striving greater than before, in the 1960’s a few Hollywood stars such as Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers, and Audrey Hepburn promoted the Gucci name as chic. Jackie Kennedy even posed with the Gucci shoulder bag for a great photograph to promote the bag that became known as the Jackie O.

Frida Giannini joined Gucci in 2002 and was selected to be the creative director for women’s custom made accessories in 2005. Additionally, a year later in 2006, she advanced to the creative director adding men’s costumed made attire and the Gucci label to her responsibilities.

During the Gucci’s 90th anniversary celebration in 2011, Gucci and Fiat uncovered their special addition 500 by Gucci that was made known to be available in black or white. The black style detailing feature is shiny chrome with the interior being black and white for a modern look and a lascivious feel. However, the white style has satin chrome detailing with an ivory and black interior creating a softer look.

In 2015, Frida Giannini was replaced by Alessandro Michele, who became the new creative director for Gucci. Alessandro began promoting a sleek and unparalleled image with the slim fitting label’s centered around bold colors and gold-toned detailing. He also continues to carry the brand’s iconic appealing line with a unique fashionable vision. June of 2015 Gucci joined the Resort show club causing the guest to fly in from all around the world just to see their most recent styles of the ready wear collection. In 2016, Alessandro will continue to had added several styles such as the GG pattern and the iconic shoulder bag Jackie.

The history of the Adidas Brand

Adidas group has been in operation for the last 80 years. All this time, they have contributed to various sporting activities by providing unique and high quality sports footwear, sports accessories and even apparels. Adidas is the best company there is in the sporting industry globally. They have a market established in almost all countries and thrive in providing a very wide variety of products.

Adidas has its headquarters located in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria in Germany. Here in Herzogenaurach, the Adidas Group has also located the company’s Research and Development Center. You will also find the strategic business units for Soccer, Tennis and Athletics here. The company has over 80 subsidiaries all over the world.

Adidas has its key corporate units located in Portland, California and Canton. Their Reebok Headquarters are located in in Canton, Massachusetts while the Golf strategic business units are based in California. Portland, Oregon on the other hand is considered to be the home of Adidas America. Also, in Portland is the strategic business units for basketball, adventure and alternative sports.

In its secondary business, Adidas operates design studies and development departments related and in support of its primary business. The company employs over 26,000 employees globally. All their sourcing activities are carried out by the Adidas Sourcing limited which has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Adidas was founded in the year 1924 by Dassler and his brother under the brand name Dassler Brother Shoe Factory. It was not until the year 1949 that it came to be registered as Adidas following a family disagreement between Dassler and his brother Adolf who later came to establish Puma, one of Adidas’ biggest rivals. The name Adidas is believed to have been obtained from abbreviating the phrase “All Day I dream About Sports”.

The CEO for Adidas is Herbert Heiner who replaced Robert Louis-Dreyfus. In its top management it also has Robin. J. Stalker as their Chief Financial officer, Glenn Bennett as their Global Operations Officer and Roland Auschel as the Global Sales Chief.

Adidas has been listed as the 61st company in the list of the most valuable brands in the world having over 90 innovative companies. Achieving the success that Adidas has, has taken a lot of strategizing, marketing and advertising. Brand loyalty has seen them be more successful than other companies in the sporting industry.

The company recently changed their slogan from “Impossible is Nothing” to “Adidas is all in”. The new slogan is meant to give the customer a unification image of the Adidas products and labels. This includes the sports, music, pop culture, street and even fashion brands and labels.